Green Action Team

In 2014, The Green Action Team led the church through the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system, 99 solar panels, a permeable brick parking lot, and a butterfly way station.

They are beginning conversations to create a Green Academy that will help other congregations and not-for-profits plan to not only retrofit their buildings with new green technologies but also to develop biblical, theological, and liturgical frameworks for their work.

In 2015, the Green Action Team hosted the Earth Revival: Loving God, Living Green, and Liberating All. The event included a worship service led by Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III from Trinity United Methodist Church as well as workshops regarding a broad range of sustainability issues.

The Sally Stoval Memorial Garden, just outside the church parking lot, stands as a serene sanctuary, honoring the memory of Sally Stoval (1949-2019), and celebrating her commitment to caring for all creation. This beautifully landscaped space invites reflection and tranquility, providing a peaceful haven for both church members and visitors alike.

In partnership with Trex, the Green Action Team is active in the Bags-to-Benches program by collecting used plastic bags to be recycled into benches for the community. So far, their efforts have resulted in three new benches and counting.

In March 2023, the Green Action Team was one of the host sites of the One Earth Film Festival; Midwest’s premier environmental film festival, creating opportunities for understanding climate change, sustainability, and the power of people.

Published articles on Euclid’s commitment to caring for all the earth.

Download the 2018 Earth Day Sermon by guest speaker; Rev. Dr. Michael S. Hogue, Professor of Theology, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion (Meadville Lombard Theological School) 

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