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  Euclid Avenue United Methodist Church
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Rethink Church!

Join us in discovering, living, sharing and celebrating
the inclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Grace and peace to our beloved friends and neighbors in Oak Park and the surrounding neighborhoods!
On behalf of our 108 year old congregation let me invite you to "Come, Feel the Warmth" at Euclid United Methodist Church.
Our congregation believes that when we embrace diversity we embrace God. We are African, Asian, Hispanic-Latino and Anglo American. We are male and female, partnered and single, straight, gay, lesbian and transgender. We include the entire economic spectrum. We represent a variety of faith perspectives and welcome questions and offer a safe community to think and "just be." - Pastor Marti

Come join us on Sundays for a celebration of radical hospitality.
Our worship service begins at 10:30 AM each Sunday.

Join us next Sunday August 10th:

"Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink,"

Pastor Marti preaching.
Grace and Jamari, children of Heather and David Lindstrom will be baptized.

Blessing of the Back Packs, so be sure to bring them.

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UMW Woman of the Year

Euclid Avenue United Methodist Women celebrated Beverly Kiele as our "Woman of the Year" with a Special Mission Recognition award. Our President, Sue Terry, presented the pin and certificate. It was a great evening with a focus on food insecurity and a World Thank Offering to help those in need and recognize our thankfulness.

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Euclid Methodist Church goes even greener:
Congregation adds solar to geothermal system
(Article published in the Oak Park Journal on 2/4/14)

Three years ago the boiler at Euclid Methodist Church gave out. The congregation turned what most churches would call a financial crisis into an opportunity to put their money where their ecological convictions were.

Up until 2011 Euclid Methodist had been doing the things most congregations in the Oak Park/River Forest area have been doing to "save the planet" — recycling, using energy-efficient light bulbs, washing dishes instead of using paper plates. It was all very ecologically correct, but the impact felt minimal.

Dick Alton, chair of Euclid's Green Action Team, smiled as he recalled how momentum to install a geothermal heating and cooling system grew. Shortly after moving to Oak Park in 2006, he showed Al Gore's film Inconvenient Truth and only five people showed up to watch.
Then the boiler gave out and suddenly the question of going geothermal had a tangible immediacy that motivated almost everyone to engage.
"The boiler giving out, that was a real turning point," Alton said.
A few members suggested the congregation view the breakdown as an opportunity to explore alternative sources of heating. Alton was also a member of the Interfaith Green Network, through which he came in contact with Mac Robinet, a member of Oak Park's Commission on Energy and Environment.

Robinet had credibility. A retired physicist, he and his wife had installed a geothermal system at their home and were thinking about going solar as well.

"Mac is fabulous in explaining how complex technology works," said Alton.
Robinet explains that a geothermal system warms a building in the winter months by transferring heat from the ground to the building and doing the reverse in the summer, taking heat from the building and putting it in the ground. In Euclid Methodist's case, that happened via 52 deep wells (150 feet) beneath their parking lot.
Finding someone who could describe geothermal in language lay people could understand was essential, said Alton, but taking on a project that would cost $350,000 would require more than understandable words.


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