Justice at OPRF High School


Pastoral ministry staff, the Church in Action Committee and our Church Council at Euclid have learned that several high school girls at Oak Park/River Forest High School are leading a social justice campaign to rewrite the school’s sexual misconduct policy.

The current policy’s wording discourages survivors of sexual assault from coming forward and in fact engenders shame and fear in those who are considering reporting their abuses.  This is unacceptable.

To their credit the Board of Education has agreed to overhaul the policy–which makes each new signature on the petition a signal that the community is going to hold them accountable.

Church Council voted last night to encourage Euclid members, as well as the wider community to sign the petition here that calls on the Board of Education to write a new, fully supportive policy. All are encouraged to become part of the wider movement to end rape culture at the high school and in our larger society.

God of justice, liberation, healing and love, we thank you for your hope that springs eternal.  As you provide comfort and solace to survivors of sexual assault please help us be bearers of your justice and love.  In the name of our Sovereign Jesus Christ, Amen.

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